RPET material

Origin of name:

RPET cloth is an environmentally friendly cloth (RPET) commonly known as a cola bottle. fabric) is a new type of green and environmentally friendly recycled fabric called recycled PET fabric, the fabric uses environmentally friendly recycled yarn. Textiles made from recycled “Coke bottle” recycled fibers. That recycling fee can be 100% regenerated into PET fiber. Therefore, it is very popular overseas, especially developed countries in Europe and America.

Production process: RPET fabric uses recycled and environmentally friendly fiber raw materials recovered from cola bottles. After the recycled cola bottles are crushed into pieces, they are processed by spinning, which can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Ester fibers save nearly 80% of energy.

Wide range of applications. 1. The scope of application of RPET fabrics: a. Bags: computer bags, ice cream bags, satchels, backpacks, suitcases, cosmetic bags, pencil cases, camera bags, shopping bags, handbags, gift bags, bundle bags, beakers ,

Suitcases, storage boxes, medicine bags, contents of bags, etc. b. Home textiles: four-piece bedding sets, blankets, backrests, pillows, toys, decorative fabrics, sofa covers, aprons, umbrellas, raincoats, parasols, curtains, cloth, etc.

Global RPET material demand and future trends: In recent years, the production capacity of the chemical fiber industry has grown rapidly, and the scale and application fields have continued to expand. Significant Outcome Income,However, some industries have overcapacity, the shortcomings of high-tech fibers, the system and level of recycling and reuse have suddenly improved, and some national policies still need to be improved. Due to the impact of environmental protection and raw material pressure, the demand for non-ferrous fiber recycling has grown well.

According to incomplete statistics, the annual demand for high-end re-growth lines is close to 100,000 tons. By 2025, all polyester products of IKEA and Home, Nike and Decathlon are 100% recycled polyester. Domestic situation: 80% of the global production capacity of recycled polyester is in China.

Recycling of discarded plastic bottles. Not only does it reduce environmental pollution, but also waste is useful.

According to research data, one ton of recycled PET gauze = 67,000 plastic bottles = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide = saving 0.0364 tons of oil = saving 6.2 tons of water, but now only a part of it is used, and the rest is discarded at will, resulting in a waste of resources and environmental pollution,

Therefore, recycling of renewable resources is a must.