Describe the production process of backpack

Many people don’t know much about the backpack customization industry, and they think that backpack customization is a very simple thing. Just like making clothes, you can cut out the fabric and sew it casually. In fact, this is not the case. For a high-quality customized backpack, the entire production and customization process is still relatively complicated and cumbersome, at least a little more complicated than ordinary clothing processing, and it is really not as simple as everyone thinks. Today, I will take you to learn about the customized production process of backpacks, which may bring you a different and novel experience!

Backpack customization, no matter what the style is, each backpack has its own unique production process and processing customization process that cannot be modified at will. If you want to synthesize a complete finished backpack from various raw materials at the beginning, you have to go through multiple production and processing processes, and each process is interlinked. If a link goes wrong, the entire production process of backpack customization is bound to suffer. influences.

Generally speaking, the overall process of backpack customization is as follows: material selection -> proofing -> setting sample -> material preparation -> cutting die -> picking -> stamping (laser) cutting -> material Sheet printing ->sewing ->integrated car ->quality inspection ->packaging ->shipping.

Of course, the above process is just an overview of the main process in the backpack customization process, and each process requires specific process operations, which cannot be completed just by talking. For a simple example, take the selection of materials as an example. There are thousands of fabrics that can be customized for backpacks on the market. Specifically, what type, how much weight, what color, what price fabric, etc., all need The material purchasers of the backpack factory search carefully according to the requirements of the customizer, and sometimes they finally find the fabric that corresponds to the customer’s requirements. Because some customers don’t know much about fabrics, they will mistakenly think that as long as they are fabrics, they can be used as backpacks, but some fabrics are not suitable for main materials or linings. These require backpack manufacturers to remind customers based on their own experience and follow relevant requirements. Help customers find the right fabric.

The process of selecting materials alone is not as simple as everyone thinks, not to mention that there are other processes such as proofing and outputting grids, sewing physical samples, printing logos on materials, and sewing different parts of fabrics. Backpack customization, there are some small technological processes in each small process. Because it is too professional, it cannot be fully described in words. Moreover, some industry knowledge, if it is not a professional, even if it is said, everyone may not be able to understand it. , I will give you a description of love freedom luggage here.

Therefore, to truly customize a finished backpack, you need to go through a large circle of processes. In order to complete the complete backpack customization production process, a certain time period is required, which is what we often call the delivery cycle. Different customized styles and different customized quantities of backpacks have different production and delivery cycles. Therefore, Love Free Luggage and Bags should also remind friends who have backpack customization needs to pay attention to leaving enough time for the production of backpack customization, so as not to delay the delivery time and affect the progress of other things.

After reading the above content, I believe that you should have a general understanding of the backpack customization process. If you want to know more about the backpack customization details, you are welcome to come to love free bags.