Common sense of maintenance of backpacks

Outdoor backpacks should be washed in combination with their materials, and there is no completely uniform washing method, because it may use many kinds of materials. If it is a fabric material, you can scrub the inner and outer surfaces with soapy water, and then wipe the inside and outside with a wet towel. If it is an outdoor backpack made of leather, clean it with leather cleaning oil, apply it to the bag, and wipe it with a soft cloth. If it is a canvas outdoor backpack, it can be washed with water. Soak the canvas backpack with washing powder or laundry liquid in water, and then brush it with a brush.

How to clean outdoor backpack

1. Fabric outdoor backpack

If the material of the outdoor backpack is mainly fabric, or there is some PU material on the surface, you need to use soapy water to scrub the inner and outer surfaces, but each time the brush should not be dipped in too much water, and then use a towel to wipe off the inner and outer water. Just clean.

2. Leather outdoor backpacks

If more leather material is used on the outdoor backpack, it cannot be washed with water. It should be scrubbed with leather cleaning oil, applied to the surface of the bag, and then wiped with a flannel. The inside of the bag can be washed with soapy water according to the material. , but be careful not to get the bag wet.

3. Canvas outdoor backpack

If the outdoor backpack is mainly made of canvas, it can be washed with water. When washing, you can use washing powder or laundry liquid to soak the bag for a while, and then brush the surface. Do not use the scrubbing method to wash the bag, because it is not Clothes, scrubbing can cause it to run out of shape.

Is the backpack machine washable?

Whether the backpack is an outdoor backpack or a casual backpack that is usually used, it cannot be washed in the washing machine. The reason is very simple. Whether it is washing the bag or the clothes, the washing machine will easily make them wrinkled after washing, and it is also very easy to wash. Be sure not to machine wash.

How to dry an outdoor backpack after washing?

Regardless of the material of the outdoor backpack, the drying method after washing is recommended to use a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. If you must dry it outside, it is recommended to dry it for a short period of time, and then take it back indoors. Do not keep it outside. Otherwise, the outdoor backpack may fade from the sun.